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LEGO Store, London Leicester Square

I’ve always loved building with LEGOs, even though I’m not creative — I just follow the directions and leave them as is. Even though I’m not the creative builder type, I love visiting the LEGO Store and staring at all the creations. When I found out that the LEGO Store in London’s Leicester Square has a Mosaic Maker, I knew I had to visit. Continue reading “LEGO Store, London Leicester Square”

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Cobh, Ireland

My trip to Cobh was a actually a stop on the same tour that took me to Blarney Castle. To recap, we took a train from Dublin to Cork, then a bus from Cork to Blarney Castle with a stop in Cobh at the end. Read about Blarney Castle in my previous post here. Otherwise, continue reading for details of Cobh.  Continue reading “Cobh, Ireland”

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Guinness Storehouse

After quite a long hiatus, I am back. I had quite the adventure in adulting — getting a new job, moving for that job, and inadvertently giving myself food poisoning. Now that I’m settled in my new place and able to keep down solid foods again, my aim is to continue with my travels, and here it goes:

The Bestie LOVES her beer, so of course we needed to stop into the Guinness Storehouse on our first day in Dublin. I’m more of a pale ale gal myself, so the dark, bitter, original Guinness isn’t my favorite, but even I couldn’t pass up this iconic landmark. Continue reading “Guinness Storehouse”

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Surgeons’ Hall Museums

Another picture-less post. Sorry guys — photography is prohibited at this museum due to the display of human tissue.

The outing to the Surgeons’ Hall Museums in Edinburgh was a solo trip for me — the Bestie was not interested in seeing cut up human tissue or medical equipment, so she instead went shopping. See the museum’s website hereContinue reading “Surgeons’ Hall Museums”