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A Sweet Stop in Hershey, PA

It’s no secret in my family that I am quite the candy fiend. It’s actually a bit of a miracle that I’m still described as “well nourished” by my physician.

With Hershey less than an hour from Lancaster, the Sibling and I decided to stop by Hershey’s legendary Chocolate World that afternoon. BONUS: There is no entrance fee! (But some of the attractions have a fee. There’s a complete list on their site). Continue reading “A Sweet Stop in Hershey, PA”

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It’s Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I mean this strictly in weather terms. Where I live, it’s rare to have rain in the middle of August. But my travels to the East Coast have taught me that only nature knows what’s coming in terms of weather.

Anyways, one of the things that attracted me to Philadelphia was its extended colonial history. I had U.S. History in high school, and it fascinated me to be able to walk in the same city and see the same buildings that Benjamin Franklin and other historical figures would have seen in their time. So it’s fitting that I dedicated the second day of my trip to exploring some of these historical sites. Continue reading “It’s Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

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Travels: It’s Hot in Philadelphia (Updated with a couple of pictures)

Happy holidays! School, finals, and work (and therefore hiatus) now over, and I’m back!

Time for tales from the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia, PA. Why here? When I went, I was tired of working and I was just about to start my graduate program, so I thought one last hurrah was in order. The Sibling had just moved to the East Coast at the time and I actually missed him, so we met in Philadelphia to have a twins’ trip.  Continue reading “Travels: It’s Hot in Philadelphia (Updated with a couple of pictures)”