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Tripping Locally: Belly

School is picking up (and finances are winding down), so I’ve decided to try and explore locally.

After a workout session, a couple of classmates and I decided to binge on some Mexican/Asian fusion food. Enter Belly … Continue reading “Tripping Locally: Belly”

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Sawtelle Blvd. Dining

When you make plans to catch up with me, we’re always going to eat somewhere. I’m not a coffee person. I can’t hold my liquor. I don’t do “just drinks.” I need to be fed.

A trip to L.A. occasionally includes meeting some old classmates, and this trip was no exception. This time we took a little foodie adventure on Sawtelle Blvd. in West L.A. Read on . . . Continue reading “Sawtelle Blvd. Dining”

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More Hot Cheetos-Themed Food – The Low Key Poke Joint

Again, I have no sense of time and I have again forgotten what day it is. In comes the late post. To continue with my Hot Cheetos obsession, I traveled to Garden Grove, CA. It was in the middle of an Asian strip mall that I found The Low Key Poke Joint. I didn’t understand how cute the name was until I said it out loud (it rhymes).  I think “The Hokey Poke Joint” has a more interesting ring to it, but it’s not my business. I just come up with the names. Read on . . . Continue reading “More Hot Cheetos-Themed Food – The Low Key Poke Joint”

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Grand Central Market: Eggslut

Grand Central Market is great if you’re in DTLA, need food, but don’t know what you want yet. Like many public markets, there are numerous food stalls that sell everything from ramen to cold-pressed coffee.

This is definitely a place I need to go back to and visit for additional treats, but my goal was to visit Eggslut, a stall that I found featured on Instagram and several “What to Eat in LA” articles online. Read on … Continue reading “Grand Central Market: Eggslut”