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Last Stop — ARUBA (Mi Dushi)

How was everyone’s Super Bowl weekend? How about that game?

I have no idea what happened. I had to take a pharmacology exam, and then I passed out for six hours.

So. Aruba. Hands down my favorite stop on this cruise. Also one of our shortest (unfortunately). We snorkeled and had lunch on the waters of Aruba, and then speed-shopped our way through two souvenir stores. Read on … Continue reading “Last Stop — ARUBA (Mi Dushi)”

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Bonaire: Beautiful Sunset, Great Gelato, Otherwise Okay

Overall, I had a so-so experience in Bonaire. This was partly due to the fact that we docked a lot later than usual (around 13:30), and most of what I prefer to do requires daylight. It was past 14:00 by the time we made it off the ship, and about a half hour later when we finally started our excursion.

Don’t get me wrong — Bonaire is a beautiful place. I just wish I had done more. Read on … Continue reading “Bonaire: Beautiful Sunset, Great Gelato, Otherwise Okay”

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River Dancing in La Romana … Kinda

People from the Dominican Republic really know how to have fun. The Bestie and I booked our excursions late, so we had to settle on an excursion to Altos de Chavón and a cruise on the Chavón River. I didn’t think the excursion would amount to much, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Continue reading “River Dancing in La Romana … Kinda”

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Travel Archives: Skagway, AK

I don’t really know where this particular glacier is. I know it’s in Alaska somewhere, and I know that our captain had to maneuver in what I thought was a super narrow river, but apparently had enough room for the cruise ship to bust a U. It was also pretty early in the morning, and super cold. But it was quite a sight to see. Second glacier of my life.

Anyways, the second stop on my cruise to Alaska was a little town called Skagway, AK.  Continue reading “Travel Archives: Skagway, AK”

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Travel Archives: Juneau, AK

So I found an old SD card that is literally a treasure trove of images from past travels, holidays, and numerous drunken nights in college that I thought were just part of some horrible, beer-and-vodka-filled dream.

Anyways, I found some beautiful pictures of my trip to Alaska a few years ago, and I thought I’d share some of them here, along with a rundown of my trip. Juneau is really beautiful — keep reading for my stories. Continue reading “Travel Archives: Juneau, AK”