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Besties in Chicago Day 2.0 (plus 2016 Game 7 World Series Commentary)

Our only full day in Chicago, and we made use of the entire day. Our shenanigans took us to the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, and Chinatown (for this first post). I decided to split this day in 2 for the blog since I like to talk. Or type. Plus, The World Series is on while I’m writing this post. Cleveland JUST tied it. Whoa. I thought the Cubs had this in the bag.

**Edit: Just to be clear, since I got a few questions on this, I am NOT currently in Chicago during the game. Unfortunately. Feel free to ignore everything in italics if you’re not interested in the game.** Continue reading “Besties in Chicago Day 2.0 (plus 2016 Game 7 World Series Commentary)”