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Galvin at Windows

The Bestie was in charge of our bougie lunch for this day, which brought us to Galvin at Windows, a fancy, Michelin-starred restaurant at the top of the Hilton in London at Park Lane. Continue reading “Galvin at Windows”

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British Museum

Unlike most people my age, I avoid bars and clubs when I travel. Props to you if you can do it, but I’m a lousy drinker and I absolutely hate drunk people (thanks to volunteering several concerts and rooming with two sorority girls in college).

So what do I do on my travels besides bitch about everything I hate? Visit museums. If you think the same way I do, then the British Museum is one that you don’t want to miss. Continue reading “British Museum”

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Shakespeare at the Globe Theater

FULL DISCLOSURE: I honestly never liked Shakespeare. All that old English made my head spin. All I got out of Romeo and Juliet is that I should never fall in love because a lot of people would end up dead.

On the other hand, the Bestie is totally into Shakespeare. And since I dragged her on a tour chronicling the crimes of Jack the Ripper (coming up in a later post), I thought it was only fair that I attend something that she wanted to do. Continue reading “Shakespeare at the Globe Theater”