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The New England Aquarium

Have you ever seen the movie Ted? You know, the movie about that little bear that’s actually alive and sounds like Peter Griffin, and hangs around Boston with Mark Wahlberg? If you have, then you’ve seen a smidgen of The New England Aquarium.

Aquariums are kind of my jam. They’re like water zoos, and I like zoos. In fact, I did refer to them as “water zoos” one drunken night. But that’s a different story.

Anyways, sober me visited The New England Aquarium, and my initial impression is that it’s small. The main hall is basically a giant column-like tank surrounded by four floors of exhibits. There are a few outdoor exhibits as well, but that’s pretty much it.

Top of the Giant Ocean Tank

My favorite part of this aquarium was the Giant Ocean Tank. It’s basically a big ol’ column-shaped tank of water that goes up four floors. There’s a ramp that follows the tank around, and at the top of the tank, you’re greeted with the lovely sight above. As you follow the ramp, you can venture off along the four floors to see other exhibits, such as cuttlefish, rays, lionfish, and lobster. This aquarium also has a couple of touch pools, but they were crowded with children on field trips, and children tend to harbor disease, so I stayed clear of them. I was really drawn to the central tank anyway, so I wasn’t too impressed with the side exhibits.

Diver with turtle

This very nice diver-man waved to me as I watched him feed a turtle in the tank. But I really just wanted a picture of the turtle. But it was nice to be noticed on the outside.

Sleepy sea lion

Venture outside to find the seals and sea lions. I love watching these guys play around in their tanks, but my eye caught the sleepy one above, because he was participating in my favorite pastime.

Like most of the museums and aquariums I’ve visited, this place also has an IMAX theater with a number of 3D productions to watch (for an additional fee). I also found out (after my visit) that there are a couple of tours you can take: One is a behind-the-scenes tour, and the other focuses on the big turtle in the bigger tank.

Overall, it’s a nice place, but unless I can find a discounted rate to just stare at big central ocean tank, I probably wouldn’t go back for a second run. It was pretty small compared to others I’ve visited, and even with reading all the plaques and information sheets, I went through the place in just a little over a couple of hours. I think it would be a great place for a field trip or a day out with the kids, because you can definitely go through the place in less than a day. And theres a restaurant right across the pier. Plan a visit and let me know what you think.

Oh, and here’s a turtle’s ass.



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