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More Hot Cheetos-Themed Food – The Low Key Poke Joint

Again, I have no sense of time and I have again forgotten what day it is. In comes the late post. To continue with my Hot Cheetos obsession, I traveled to Garden Grove, CA. It was in the middle of an Asian strip mall that I found The Low Key Poke Joint. I didn’t understand how cute the name was until I said it out loud (it rhymes).  I think “The Hokey Poke Joint” has a more interesting ring to it, but it’s not my business. I just come up with the names. Read on . . .If you’ve been to any poke bowl joint, you understand the setup of The Low Key Poke Joint. Walk to the front, let the staff know if you want a traditional bowl or your ingredients wrapped up burrito style. Choose your protein, veggies, toppings, and sauce and you’re done. Simple, right? Apparently not for everyone. I got stuck behind a lady who could not decide what she wanted and asked about every single ingredient they offered. *insert eye roll here*

Anyways, I had seen pictures of the infamous Hot Cheetos sushirrito on Instagram, and this was what I was aiming to try. Of course, by this time I had eaten my way through three cities in the greater L.A. area, so I was full and decided to take a couple of sushirritos to go. I was correct in thinking I would sit in traffic so long that I’d get hungry again.

Fast forward to the house and I bit into the first half of the sushirrito. It was good. The Hot Cheetos weren’t as spicy as I thought they would be, but I used to eat bags of this stuff back in middle school with no problems, and I figured the rice also helped to tame some of the spice. I picked tuna as my protein, and it was nice and firm. I got sauce on the side to keep the Cheeto dust from getting too soggy, and it was a great compliment. If you’re a fan of sushi, burritos, and Hot Cheetos and want to taste the combined product, check this out. Definitely a fun little novelty. PRO TIP: As with all types of Cheetos, the dust and temporarily stains fingers, so I kept mine partially wrapped as I ate it. Of course, if you’re more savage than myself, a few good scrubs with soap and warm water will also do the trick. And for all of you OCD’ers like myself who need to know every single food option in a restaurant before you go, check out the restaurant website here for their offerings. Their seating area is a bit limited though. I wouldn’t come here with a group bigger than 6 people.

I’m out of Hot Cheetos themed foods to try. Who else has more?


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