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Grand Central Market: Eggslut

Grand Central Market is great if you’re in DTLA, need food, but don’t know what you want yet. Like many public markets, there are numerous food stalls that sell everything from ramen to cold-pressed coffee.

This is definitely a place I need to go back to and visit for additional treats, but my goal was to visit Eggslut, a stall that I found featured on Instagram and several “What to Eat in LA” articles online. Read on …

So Eggslut seems to be that place where you can have breakfast for every meal, and each dish is centered around the egg (cage-free, I might add). There’s a counter at the stall where many sat to eat, but it was quite crowded, so I took my sandwich to go and found an empty table elsewhere in the market.

Bacon, egg, and cheese

See my sandwich above. It was good, but not something I felt was really that special, besides the fresh-baked bread and cage-free egg (which tasted just like regular bread and egg). I was not a huge fan of the ketchup in the sandwich, but I failed to read the whole sandwich description before ordering and was therefore unable to omit it. In all honesty, unless you’re super insistent on having only natural foods or free-range meats, you’re not missing out on this sandwich. It reminded me of a slightly (only slightly) less greasy version of a breakfast sandwich that I get from the deli by my school for $3. And compared to $7 for the Eggslut sandwich, I think I’ll stick to the deli.

Have you been here? Am I missing the allure of this place? Or did I just order the wrong thing?


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