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Last Stop — ARUBA (Mi Dushi)

How was everyone’s Super Bowl weekend? How about that game?

I have no idea what happened. I had to take a pharmacology exam, and then I passed out for six hours.

So. Aruba. Hands down my favorite stop on this cruise. Also one of our shortest (unfortunately). We snorkeled and had lunch on the waters of Aruba, and then speed-shopped our way through two souvenir stores. Read on …

Aruba shore

Our excursion was booked with Mi Dushi Aruba, and it’s the reason why I now have “Abc” by Ir-Sais on repeat. I was told “Mi Dushi” means my sweetheart, but I also don’t speak Papiamento, so I just have to take the natives’ word on that.

The staff on our boat (Ship? Catamaran?) were awesome. The captain of the boat announced that it was his first day, which led some of us confused as to whether it was just his first day with the company, or his actual first day sailing. I never figured it out. He did fine though. My favorite deckhand was this Cuban guy who talked super fast and wore crazy hats. I loved watching him confuse everyone with his rapid speech. The crew are all super helpful, and they do everything they can to make the excursion as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

The plan was to sail and snorkel around three spots in Aruba’s waters. The first spot wasn’t anything fancy; I feel like it was more of a training ground to make sure everyone knew how to use their snorkels and life vests. The life vests they provided BTW were the blow-up kind. I had never seen or used them before. You can adjust your buoyancy by letting air in or out of the vest.

The second snorkeling stop was probably the most interesting to me. We stopped over an old shipwreck, and although I couldn’t figure out how to make myself any less buoyant without simultaneously drowning myself, I was able to see it from the surface where I was swimming. FYI, for some reason, this area had significantly colder water than the other two sites, but you get used to it. Fun fact: I tried to take pictures of the shipwreck with my phone enclosed in a waterproof pouch, and I know I pressed the button while underwater, but alas, no pictures come up on my phone. For some reason, my phone doesn’t like to take pictures underwater, even in a waterproof case. Any answers? No, it’s not wet at all.

Last snorkeling stop was along the shoreline, close to the area in the photo above. I really liked this area too because the water was really clear and I literally swam with brightly colored fish. I found that you find more fish swimming along the rocks, but I also found that said rocks can also scratch up your legs, so be careful.

Lunch on the boat, then the ride back to the ship. Because we were farther away from the ship at this time, the deckhands made the trip back as lively as possible. The music went up and the fun Cuban guy led everyone in a number of line dances on the deck. As we got closer to the ship, the line dancing ended, and then a trio of middle-aged ladies, who I guess didn’t want the party to end, turned the ship’s mast into a stripper pole.

Back on land and the Bestie and I rushed to fulfill our souvenir shopping in the hour left that we had at port. If you have limited time in Aruba and like spending money, I would suggest taking in shopping instead of an excursion. There is a huge mall and a long strip of shops with everything from traditional souvenirs to Louis Vuitton.

Definitely a whirlwind trip for us to Aruba, and definitely one we’d love to repeat. We’re thinking of doing a resort in Aruba for the second time around.

Anyways, and so is the end of our New Year’s Eve cruise. It’s taken forever for me to finish, but now it’s here. I’m off now to figure out what I should do for the next post, as I am currently without any travel plans at the moment. Any suggestions?


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