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Product Review: Mieroglyphs (DISCOUNT CODE)

Ignore the lopsidedness. I couldn’t figure out how to make the box stand straight. It took me forever to just get the bracelet to stay open to see the whole quote. Of course, probably my fault for having such a long quote. But, whatever.

Anyways, it’s Christmas at my house, and I decided to gift myself this cute bracelet from Mieroglyphs (link to their site here). Disclaimers first: I did receive a discount on my bracelet, but all opinions thus far are my own.

Use code TRAVELS20 for 20% off your order. Read on for my thoughts.

A little bit of the outside of the bracelet

The outside of this bracelet is 100% organic cotton, and the inside is cork-leather. Didn’t even know you could make leather out of cork. I was afraid that this bracelet would be scratchy and would need some time to be “broken in,” but no need. It wasn’t stiff at all.

The inscription looks to be stamped into the bracelet (similar to how they monogram Louis Vuitton bags, whatever that process is), and I like that there’s a natural marking in the cork under the word “every.” It makes me feel like it emphasizes the message. Oh and BTW, you can get whatever you want inscribed on the inside. They have “stock quotes,” but I feel it’s more personal when you choose your own. Hence the Jane Austen quote. Because Lizzy Bennet is a boss.

The clasp is stainless steel and magnetic, and it certainly does hold. I’m quite rough with any accessory (which is why I usually can’t have nice things), but this held together quite nicely throughout the day. Never once did I have to check and make sure it was still on me. I did clip a small fold of skin between the clasps the first time I wore it. That was quite painful. I’m more careful now.

Bestie’s bracelet. Ignore the blur. This is the best I got with it closed before I wrapped it.

A little about the company: They’re “dedicated to creating sustainable, vegan, handcrafted, and customizable accessories.” None of their products are mass produced. Sure your bracelet isn’t going to show up in 2 days, but I think knowing that it’s handmade makes it special. They also provide fair wage jobs and ethical production — something I definitely don’t mind supporting.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase, and I think I’ll opt for one of those new S-hook bracelets the next time around. Be sure to check out and use my coupon code above for a discount!

P.S. They also have a site for pet accessories, Geopetric, linked here. Some of their pet accessories have the same pattern as some of their bracelets, so you and your pet may be able to match (if you’re into that kind of thing). I don’t think my code works for the Geopetric site, but after you’ve bought your bracelet on Mieroglyphs with my code, mosey on over to the Geopetric site and see if you can get a pet accessory to match your new bracelet. Happy shopping!



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