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Zippered FlipBelt: Not Just for Running

I’m pretty sure the FlipBelt was designed to wear while running, but I’ve found it to be helpful in other aspects of life, including travel (i.e. when perusing the local bars at night). Read on for my thoughts on it.

Long story short — I like it.

I did initially buy this product for running. I used to run a lot, and by “run” I mean walk quickly for half a mile and then lollygag for the rest of the route while hoping the sweeper van doesn’t creep up behind me. I had a number of requirements for my running accessory, and I’ve listed them just because I think it  might be helpful to know what it can do.

  • It had to hold my phone. I need music when I “run” because silence makes me evermore aware that my breathing is irregular and I may pass out at some point. Phone sizes are always changing, so I’ve tried to stay away from accessories that are specifically made for one type of phone. This attracted me because it stretches to hold different sizes of phones. For reference, I have an iPhone 7, and I have used it with an iPhone 5S, which is smaller. I was able to shove a portable battery in it as well.
  • I wanted a hook to hold my keys. I have lost my keys at a race before when they fell out of my pocket, and I wanted to avoid that a second time. Thank goodness for good people and the Lost and Found. This belt has a convenient hook to which you can clip your keys.
  • I like to carry my ID and medical card with me when I run, just in case I happen to run into a paramedic while lying on the ground. This version of the FlipBelt has a convenient zippered pocket to keep your cards and money safe.


I have been able to use this product for more than just fitness or travel. Even though I prefer to carry my camera bag and regular wallet with me when I travel, there are some instances when I go out to super-crowded events where it may be hard for me to keep track of my things. Some locations I have traveled to also discourage bringing larger bags (i.e. purses), or require you to lock them up, and sometimes I’m just too lazy. I also live in yoga pants, and they often don’t have any pockets, or the pockets are way too small. Also, nothing fits in the pockets of my stupid girl jeans. Enter the FlipBelt. I can wear it on my hips or tuck it underneath my shirt. I should also mention that I prefer to wear looser clothing, so I don’t know how it would work if you wear tight tops. The belt lets me carry the absolute essentials without having to lug around a bag or worry about where to place my things. Plus I have my hands free if needed. I feel that it could also be helpful to store money, cards, and possibly a passport in places where pickpocketing is an big issue. Usually, I find that keeping a sharp eye on your things and surroundings deters pickpockets in general.

The belts come in various sizes and colors (I wear size 12-14 jeans, depending on the brand, and a large fits me perfectly). Of course, nothing is 100% perfect, and this belt is no exception. Even though this belt works really well for sporting events so I don’t have to hold anything in my hands, it’s super awkward to have to lift up my shirt and pull out my phone and keys while going through security. But I’m sure the guy behind me at the hockey game is tired of me swinging my clutch into his face after every goal, so I’ll make do. Some reviews I read online before making this purchase said that their stuff fell out of the pockets. I personally haven’t had this problem, but I think it’s important to size your belt well. To clarify, only one of the pockets is zippered — the rest are open. But I frequently leave my phone in one of the open pockets and it hasn’t been a problem.

Anyone else have this belt? Thoughts? I’m also looking for a waterproof version to take with me when I snorkel (I don’t want to leave my phone unattended on the beach). Any suggestions?


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