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Besties in Chicago Day 2.0 (plus 2016 Game 7 World Series Commentary)

Our only full day in Chicago, and we made use of the entire day. Our shenanigans took us to the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, and Chinatown (for this first post). I decided to split this day in 2 for the blog since I like to talk. Or type. Plus, The World Series is on while I’m writing this post. Cleveland JUST tied it. Whoa. I thought the Cubs had this in the bag.

**Edit: Just to be clear, since I got a few questions on this, I am NOT currently in Chicago during the game. Unfortunately. Feel free to ignore everything in italics if you’re not interested in the game.**

Rear of the aquarium

Anyways, aquariums are always on my to-do list when I visit a new place. I’ve always loved looking at aquatic creatures (but not exactly being in the water). The Shedd Aquarium is in a really nice area of Chicago — off of Lake Shore Drive and very close to a number of other museums and Soldier Field. There’s a lot to see, but we still zipped through this place in a couple of hours.

Bottom of the 9th now. I can’t hear myself think. It’ll be interesting to read this back later. I wish I could be at this game.

This aquarium has the typical fish fare, as well as turtles and penguins and various aquatic mammals. My favorite two sections were the Caribbean Reef and Amphibians special exhibit. The Caribbean Reef section has this really nice circular tank in the middle with various fish in it. It looks like how I imagine old-time-y aquatic tanks to look like. I honestly just liked this exhibit because I thought the tank was pretty. The Great Lakes exhibit also has some HUGE fish in it. It’s amazing how huge these fish are in real life compared to how they look in those nature shows. Oh, and I also learned that the Great Lakes are actually pretty damn huge, so big that they have ships going through them on the way to the Atlantic. Lakes where I live are pretty small; no way they’d support these giant fish I saw. Or the ships.

They just sent Chapman back in to pitch for Chicago. He seems tired. I wonder why they don’t switch him. But then again, I don’t have any baseball sense. They just showed a Cleveland fan who I think has his head bent in prayer. Or is taking a very expensive standing nap.

The loudest frog

The Amphibians exhibit was probably my favorite of the two favorites, only because I was amazed to see that some of those frogs are big ol’ suckers and LOUD. I would be so pissed living next to a pond full of those loud-ass frogs. This one froggy in particular I will never forget — it was as big as my dinner plate AND I heard it “ribbit” through the thick glass covering its display. I thought I recorded it, but I guess I just took a picture. BTW, I feel like Snapchat takes worse quality photos than the regular iPhone. Anyone else notice this?

Extra innings. Hold on to your hats, folks.

Down the lane from the Shedd Aquarium is the Adler Planetarium. I’m not big on outer space stuff, but the Bestie surprised me by asking if we could go. It was okay.

Oh snapples. Here comes the tarp. Delay. 

The Clark Family Welcome Gallery (at the planetarium) is actually pretty neat-o (and slightly trippy). The various lights change colors every so often, and I think some of the displays were motion-sensitive (or I had taken one too many sedatives). There was also a really interesting display that talked about the origins of our universe, and also showed images of other space things that are outside of our universe. Really pretty and intriguing to know that there’s something bigger than ourselves out there. If you’re not big on outer space, I would probably only recommend this place for field trips. Or you can just pop in that old DVD of The Magic School Bus and let Ms. Frizzle do her work.

Back on. Here we go. 10.

Soy sauce chow mein

As always, we started getting hungry, and the Bestie and I decided to have lunch in Chinatown and check out some souvenirs to take home. We had such a good experience souvenir hunting in New York City’s Chinatown that we decided to try our luck in Chicago’s.

7-6 in the 10th! This game is giving me palpitations. 

Lunch was at MingHin Cuisine in Chinatown. This place straight up looks like an old factory, and a pretty shady one at that, but don’t let the looks fool you. I try not to hype up places, but this was some of the best dim sum I’d ever had in my life. Period. And I regularly have dim sum in San Francisco. The Bestie and I, as always, went on an ordering spree, and polished off almost 20 plates between us. But hey, we were planning on walking it all off. To think that for now I need to travel all the way to Chicago for dim sum. . .

8-6 Cubs! Bases loaded! Do I dare hope for a grand slam?


Speaking of walking, my feet were screaming at me the whole way around the planetarium, and when we passed a sign for pedicures and foot massages, I made the executive decision and walked right on in. Don’t remember the name of the place, sorry. I think I was delirious from the foot pain and the circulation had all gone to my stomach after lunch. I do remember that my nail tech gave me a BOMB foot massage. Lots of pressure and everything. I did feel quite sedated afterwards. And happy about my new glitter pink toenails.

8-7? WTF? How are these fans not having chest pains right now?

I probably should have titled this post, “Scatterbrained Memories Intertwined with TV.” This Chicago trip will be continued, and will most likely be easier to read. As always thanks for reading. Check-in next week to learn about my first deep dish pizza and my first opera (try everything once).

CONGRATULATIONS CUBS! Way to end your drought! And Cleveland, you played hard. It was a good series. Now, who plans the parade? Probably not the same guy from 1908.


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