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Fulfilling a childhood wish — trip to Disneyworld! Even though I grew up on trips to the original Disneyland, I heard legends of the sister park in Florida, but had to live vicariously through the stories of others. On another note, the Pops told me about when he went to Disneyworld in the 80s and accidentally stood in line for a rollercoaster that he didn’t actually want to ride, but by the time he realized where he was going, he couldn’t turn back. He also said he felt really sick afterward, which probably explains why he never got on rollercoasters with me as a kid. Also a good example of why you should ask people what they’re in line for instead of just lining up to see what everyone is interested in.

This one isn’t mine, but it came with the pictures I bought from the park, and I think it’s pretty

I wanted to stay at Disneyworld, and the first obvious thing I can say is that it’s SUPER EXPENSIVE to stay at one of the resorts. As is with everything Disney, but I shouldn’t complain because I keep going back. We ended up staying at the All-Star Sports Resort because it was the cheapest option. I will say that the staff are really friendly, and the travel agents (or phone representatives or whatever they’re called) are very accommodating, since I called and changed my plans several times prior to my stay. I also loved using the Magic Bands. I felt fancy having my wrist scanned and watching the lights turn green. But nail polish cracks on it, so use something else to decorate them.

Space Mountain

Disneyworld is also a really big place. I once called and asked if there was a way to walk between the parks. There’s not. There’s nothing but highway or sidewalk-less streets between the parks. There are, however, shuttles to take you between the different parks and resorts. They are especially slow in the middle of the day, and a couple of times I got impatient and took a cab, which I had to pay for, but was faster. There are taxi stands at each park, in case you’d like to follow my more expensive example. We spent the first day at the Magic Kingdom park, which, I found, is almost exactly like Disneyland in California. Most of the rides are the same — It’s a Small World, Haunted Mansion, etc. Space Mountain is also here, and I watched a young lady freaking out in the front of her rollercoaster car, asking the staff if the ride was scary as the car slowly made its way into a darkened tunnel …

Two key differences stand out to me — the Seven Dwarfs mine train and Liberty Square. Liberty Square is at Magic Kingdom in place of New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Liberty Square is basically this place that mimics revolutionary-era America. Oh, and if you’re staying at the resorts for 3 days or less, I would not recommend opting for “resort pickup” of your purchases. It took me 2 days to get something that I bought, and I almost had to leave without it, and I felt bad for the staff member I argued with at my resort gift shop. It wasn’t his fault. Anyways, I would also recommend going on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train — it was my favorite ride at the park, and apparently very popular. We had to reserve our fastpasses several weeks in advance to ride it. You can also wait in line like a normal person, but I got hungry and I didn’t want to.

We were at the park the whole day and stayed for the fireworks. Correction — We were at the park for the whole day and then I made the Bestie and her brother stay with me to watch the fireworks. The Bestie’s brother was unamused at my delight, but whatever. I was there for me.


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