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#TBT: Hawaii, Part 4

Last full day of the bestie Hawaiian vacation. We wanted to cram all of the last few things on our wishlist into this day, and because of this and my Dory-like memory, all the events of the day blur together, and I’ve tried my best to pick them apart for you.

The morning took us to the Pearl Harbor Pacific Aviation Museum. The only things I know about Pearl Harbor are things I read in books and things I saw in the movie (shameful, I know). Neither warned me about how large this place is. There are several memorials and museums within the Pearl Harbor grounds, and you actually have to take a shuttle from the main entrance to the Aviation Museum. I would have loved to tour the Arizona memorial as well, but it was crowded that day and we didn’t have time.

Inside the Pacific Aviation Museum

That being said, I actually enjoyed the Pacific Aviation Museum. I know diddly squat about airplanes, but the exhibits here not only educated about the different planes that saw action during the Pearl Harbor attack and WWII, but also about stories from locals who were present that day (like the guy who had to interrupt his flying lesson). Bonus: The museum has a small exhibit dedicated to the female pilots of the era, as well as the work effort women put in during the war. I’m a tad bit of a bookworm as well, and I appreciated that a few of the plaques describing the displays also had recommendations of books to read that were relevant to the display. You can also find many of the said books in the museum’s gift shop. BeeTeeDubs: They also sell MREs, which, after taking apart one my friend got during his Army training, look to be quite constipating.

Why did I take a picture of a bunch of windows? Look closely, and you can still see some bullet holes from December 7, 1941.

Next door to the Pacific Aviation Museum and down the road some is Hangar 79. It was pretty quiet on this morning, and the Bestie and I were 2 of only 4 other tourists here. There were also two volunteers at the front of the hangar, who expertly answered my barrage of stupid questions about all the “planes and stuff” on display. They were also the ones to bring attention to the many holes in the hangar’s front windows. I walked through the exhibits rather quickly, and besides reading “MiG” several times that day, I couldn’t tell you much about what I saw besides “aircraft.” I would have loved to spend more time at Pearl Harbor, but we had other items on our list that day.

At some point in the afternoon, the Bestie and I decided to go parasailing. She bought these tickets, so I don’t remember the name of the company, but walk through the Ala Wai harbor and you’re sure to see signs for parasailing tours. I was thoroughly entertained during our tour; the guy that hooked us up to our harness took a liking to the Bestie, and I attempted to calculate how many free parasailing rides I could finagle if I set him up with her.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.56.03 AM
Beautiful view from 1000′ in the air. Also about the time the Bestie was yelling at me for almost dropping her GoPro 1000′ into the ocean. I was just grateful she had nothing to beat me with.
Waikiki Aquarium display

The Bestie made arrangements for us to see a luau at the Waikiki Aquarium that evening. We got our tickets from Groupon, so we didn’t have a dinner option, which we didn’t know and later led to furious Yelping of nearby food places. The aquarium was open during the luau and we were able to walk through and see their exhibits. It’s a small aquarium and we were able to work our way through it in less than an hour.

Potato-quality photo of performers from the luau. I was pretty far. Got that guy’s head in great focus.

We enjoyed the luau sans-dinner anyway. They performed not only the traditional Hawaiian hula, but also various cultural dances from all over the Pacific Islands. There is also a part of the show where the performers bring up audience members to dance. Staring straight at your table is a great way to avoid being picked. There was also a fire-twirler performer; he was 10. Definitely made me feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. At the end of the show, the performers line up towards the exit to greet the guests, which I thought was a nice touch. They were all very friendly.

Starving after the show, we Uber’ed over to Tiki’s Grill and Bar. Great music, great drinks (I was pretty smashed attempting to walk back to the hotel), and great food. Both of our drinks came with souvenir glasses, and the Bestie was successful in talking the waitress into giving us new ones in boxes. The Bestie did have to hold mine to keep me from dropping it on the way back to the hotel.

The rest of the night was spend packing and repacking our check-in luggage to meet the 50 lb limit for the airline. A luggage scale is *insert DJ Khaled voice* key in avoiding excess baggage charges. I made it at 47 lbs, the Bestie at 49.

And so marks the end of the TBT Hawaii series, until my next visit.


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