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The Bestie bought us tickets to see Absinthe while I tagged along on her convention trip to Las Vegas. I’ve loved Broadway since seeing my first show and I saw Cirque du Soleil a few times on prior trips to Las Vegas, but neither experience could prepare me for Absinthe. Continue reading “Absinthe”

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T-Mobile Arena Tour

I quite enjoyed my tour of AT&T Park and when I found out that the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was hosting tours as well, I jumped at the chance to join. Apparently, they had just started hosting the tours and the Bestie and I were able to be a part of the second tour ever through the arena. Continue reading “T-Mobile Arena Tour”

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Mob Museum, Las Vegas

I don’t like to gamble and I’m too old for the clubs. I found myself in Las Vegas with the Bestie at her convention and when I found out her man would be in town, I decided to occupy myself for a few hours so he could take her out on a date night.

A little bit of Googling gave me a list of non-gambling, non-club thing to do in Vegas, and the Mob Museum caught my attention. Continue reading “Mob Museum, Las Vegas”

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Vessi Footwear: Women’s CityScape

I’m always on the lookout for new travel tools and accessories. One thing I’ve been looking for is a good pair of travel shoes. I needed shoes to be lightweight, in a plain color, comfortable, and, after touring through an Irish downpour, waterproof. It was easy to find lightweight and comfortable shoes, but I had difficulty with the waterproofing part. Yes, I have tried a number of waterproofing sprays, but I find them to either wear out quickly or unable to adequately waterproof a porous material such as fabric.

Enter Vessi Footwear’s CityScape shoe . . . Continue reading “Vessi Footwear: Women’s CityScape”

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London — The Making of Harry Potter

In the sixth grade, I checked out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from the local library. I stopped reading after the first chapter — I thought nothing interesting was going to happen and I was bored.

Two months later, my social studies teacher took our whole class on a field trip to the local movie theater to watch the very first Harry Potter movie. Two hours later, I found myself a Harry Potter fan and spent the next few years devouring every book and movie.

Now that I’ve spilled the Bertie Bott’s Beans about my Harry Potter obsession, you understand why it was just natural for me to visit the Warner Bros. Studio during my trip to England. Continue reading “Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London — The Making of Harry Potter”

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Lacock Village

The Bestie and I visited Lacock as a stop on our day tour. It was a short visit, as our guide miscalculated our time in Bath (see my experience in Bath here). We literally power walked through the village and scarfed down our lunch to keep on schedule with the tour. There were so many ladies using the restroom at the restaurant that the plumbing in the restroom lost pressure and the toilets stopped flushing. But anyway, that isn’t the important part of the trip. Read on . . . Continue reading “Lacock Village”