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The last few posts have all been parts of a tour that culminated at Stonehenge. It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in England and it’s no doubt that you’ve heard of it or at least seen it somewhere. Once again, we took a tour with Premium Tours with our English driver Steve and our Irish guide John.

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Lacock Village

The Bestie and I visited Lacock as a stop on our day tour. It was a short visit, as our guide miscalculated our time in Bath (see my experience in Bath here). We literally power walked through the village and scarfed down our lunch to keep on schedule with the tour. There were so many ladies using the restroom at the restaurant that the plumbing in the restroom lost pressure and the toilets stopped flushing. But anyway, that isn’t the important part of the trip. Read on . . . Continue reading “Lacock Village”

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Bath, Somerset, England

Side note: I’m working on this post while waiting on a delayed flight and I’m a little self conscious of the middle-aged lady sitting across from me and staring at the back of my laptop. I should probably clarify that the back of my laptop is covered in grease marks from when I rested it on my lap for a couple of hours after applying lotion on my legs. My usual OCD self has yet to make an appearance to clean my cover as I am currently exhausted and hungry. But that’s not the point of this post.

This stop in Bath was a continuation of our tour from last week’s post (Windsor Castle). After leaving the Windsor Castle complex, we hopped back on the coach headed for Bath, England. I know, interesting name, right? That’s exactly what you’ll find in this town.   Continue reading “Bath, Somerset, England”

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LEGO Store, London Leicester Square

I’ve always loved building with LEGOs, even though I’m not creative — I just follow the directions and leave them as is. Even though I’m not the creative builder type, I love visiting the LEGO Store and staring at all the creations. When I found out that the LEGO Store in London’s Leicester Square has a Mosaic Maker, I knew I had to visit. Continue reading “LEGO Store, London Leicester Square”